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This website is always expanding with more services and offerings. Please keep checking back regularly to see what is new!

Who are We?

We are a website design team with over 10 years of experience in website design and customer service. We can service any fire department needs across North America. A few years back I decided to join my local volunteer fire department here in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The firehall quickly became my second home and its members, my second family.

When working and chatting with other departments’ members at various scenes and events, it became clear that these firehalls would welcome a tool that could streamline certain administrative and community outreach activities. 

Expecting local fire departments to afford the typical costs associated with website building is just not feasible in today’s economy and rising departmental costs.

That’s where the idea for FirefightingWebsites.com was born. A simple and cost-effective way to bring websites, social media, and an online presence to volunteer fire departments and the hard-working volunteers that serve as the backbone to each station.

Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your budget and provide you with the online presence you deserve, whatever your needs are.

Yours truly,

James Bunting


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It’s primarily for Volunteer Fire Departments as a cost effective solution to having an online presence, but we offer discounts for any first responders and their own website needs.

The cost for a Fire Department website is just $1,900 plus tax. 

We will look after pretty much the whole project. All you will need to do is provide us with enough pictures (24 is usually enough) and fill out a word document we provide for the content. The rest is completed by us.

We offer domain renewal, hosting and website maintenance. You can look after setting this up or we offer hosting and maintenance options if you’d rather have us look after your site going forward.

We will be launching multiple services like events calendar, hall rentals, members store, donation buttons, logo designs, fire ban banners, social media and much much more! Stay tuned, this is going to be fantastic!

Read more about us on our Who We Are page here.

Very little to none at all. We want you focused on helping our community and do what you do best, being there when we need you the most. Let us do what we do best, looking after your website for you.

Pictures and Content, which we will help you with to make it as easy as possible. Let’s chat about your Fire Department’s website at your convenience.

Contact us today and lets have a no pressure chat today. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

Other features *

Events Calendar

An events calendar is a great way to inform your community about things going in, around or about your firehall. A Member’s Only calendar can be an easy and efficient way to keep your members informed on hall activities or events.

Hall Rentals

Renting out space in your firehall is a great way to generate funds but managing that rental process can require a lot of time from your volunteers. We offer a booking system that can be attached to your website and streamline the entire process for your volunteers.

Volunteer Recruitment

List what roles you need the most. Many people are surprised that it’s not just firefighters that are needed, but accountants, social media support, auxiliary and so much more.

Members Merchandise Store

Why not raise funds and support by giving members of your community the ability to buy/order merchandise to show they are a proud supporter of your firehall? Rather keep the store in house for firefighters only? Either option is available.

Incident Alert Banners

Keep your community safer with the ability to post alert banners when unsafe emergencies arise.

Fire Ban Updates

Keep your community up to date with the latest information of any provincial fire restrictions.

Fire Station Donations

Be able to accept donations of cash or items by letting your community know what your firehall needs and how to they can get that to you.

Recruitment Pages

Your website can house a volunteer recruitment section, making it easier to attract and recruit all types of volunteers to your firehall.

Logo Designs

Need a department logo or need your current logo in digital form? We can help with whatever branding you need.

Social Media Integration

How great would it be to have all your media posts/activities show up on your website? Everything in one place. No more clicking around to find information you need.

and more!

We will be adding more items as we continue to grow and expand our services across Nova Scotia and across Canada.

Have an Idea?

Let us know what else we can offer, we are always looking to add more services to help our firefighting brothers and sisters.

* Some of these added features are free while some have fees associated with their use. Online stores for example typically have fees associated with their use. There are also different types of the same feature. For example, one calendar might be free while another calendar with more options might have a cost to use it. Any costs for plugins, subscriptions, annual dues, set-up, etc. are not included. We will review the needs of your firehall and discuss the different options so you can make the decisions that fit within your department’s budget.